國立中山大學可靠通訊技術實驗室位於電資學院2樓 (EC2021),指導教授為陳彥銘教授.
我們目前主要的研究方向是 5G – NR 無線通訊的相關主題,例如非正交多重接收 非正交多重接收 (NOMA),巨量多輸入多輸出 (Massive MIMO),非同調通訊 (Non-coherent Communication),以及錯誤更正碼 (ECC).
實驗室的另一個研究方向是生物辨識 (Biometrics)的相關領域,例如虹膜辨識 (Iris identification).
本實驗室推崇開放且自我進步的精神,並熱情地嘗試在學術界和工業界提供創新。我們也正尋找積極且具熱情學習態度的碩博士新生!假使您對RCT LAB的研究主題有興趣,非常歡迎與我們聯繫!

The NSYSU RCT Lab is located at room 2021 in the Building of Electrical Engineering (EC2021). The advisor of RCT Lab is Professor Yen-Ming Chen.
Our research interests are mainly on the field of wireless communication, and focus on the related topics of 5G – NR, such as Non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA), Massive MIMO, Non-coherent Communication, and Error correcting codes.
An alternative research field falls on the Biometrics, such as Iris identification.
Our lab promotes the spirit of openness and progress, and enthusiastically tries to provide innovation in both academia and industry. We are looking for Master and Ph.D. program students with positive personality and enthusiastic attitude of learning. If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to contact us!